Q. How does a KWSQA season operate?

A. Starting in 2018 membership and meetings run with the calendar year. The following are a list of key KWality Talks events:


    The first membership meeting of the season is held


    Typically the Summer Social is held this month prior to the Summer break


    No member meetings occur


    Targeting Quality Conference hosted by KWSQA. Click here for details on the conference.


    Member meetings resume


    The Annual General Meeting is held.
    Typically there is no membership meeting held in December.

Q. How can I become a KWSQA member?

A. Becoming a KWSQA member is easy. We offer several ways to become a member:

  1. Attend Targeting Quality and get a Free Membership that starts the meeting after the Conference and concludes the end of the next Calendar year!
  2. Online:
    • Pay for a KWSQA membership online. Click here to pay online now.
  3. At the beginning of a KWality Talks event:
    • Come to one of our KWality Talks to register and pay at the door. Cash or cheque is accepted at the door.

Q. How much does a KWSQA membership cost?

A. Our Fee Schedule is as follows:

  • Seasonal Membership: $80.00 + HST (*)
  • Student Seasonal Membership: $30.00 + HST (*) (**)
  • Single Attendance: $20.00 + HST
  • Student Single Attendance: $10.00 + HST(**)

Cash or cheque is accepted at the door. For payments made at the door, receipts are available upon request. Online payment is available. Click here to pay online now.

* Seasonal Memberships will only be available for purchase until it is cheaper to purchase an individual attendance for each of the remaining meetings

** For students of an accredited college or university

Q. How long is a Seasonal Membership valid?

A. A Seasonal Membership is valid for the Calendar year it was purchased. If you purchase a Seasonal Membership in October or November (or attend Targeting Quality in September) it is valid for the following Calendar year (example: Purchase a Seasonal Membership in October 2018 and get access to meeting until the end of 2019).

Q. How can I get on the meeting notification list?

A. Please visit the main KWSQA page to register for all email notifications.

Q. What does a seasonal membership get me?

A. A seasonal membership gets you access to all of our meetings for the season (January to December). There are typically 8 KWality Talks in a season. KWality Talks consist of a speaker, panel or discussion and lunch is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Seasonal members may be eligible for discounted rates for conferences and other offerings of KWSQA.

Q. Are seasonal memberships transferable?

A. Seasonal memberships are assigned to individuals. Seasonal memberships are non-transferable.

Q. How do I register to attend a monthly meeting?

A. Head to our KWality Talks page and register for the meeting. If you are a seasonal member, you can use your email address as a promotional code to unlock a hidden Member Ticket when registering.

Q. I registered but can’t make a monthly meeting, how do I let you know?

A. You can follow the links in our KWality Talks Cancellation Policy > Cancellation by Attendee section for detailed steps.

Q. What is the KWSQA meeting format?

A. Doors open at approximately 11:30 am on the day of the meeting. At this time new members can be registered, one time attendance payment then member networking and lunch. At approximately 11:50 am the chair will open the meeting with any announcements. The speaker, panel or discussion will continue until approximately 12:50pm. Time permitting there will be a Q&A session. At 1:00 pm the official meeting ends and members can continue networking if desired.

Q. Why aren’t all presentation material from the meetings available on the KWSQA website?

A. The KWSQA can only post presentation material that meeting speakers have authorized and provided. As the presentation material is made available to the KWSQA, they make the material available to members on the website.

Q. Does KWSQA post jobs on the KWSQA website?

A. KWSQA does not post job notices on their website, nor does it announce job openings during KWality Talks. Many companies purchase memberships at KWSQA for their employees. It is a conflict to encourage local companies to sponsor membership, then open an avenue for members to change companies. For this reason, KWSQA removed the job board in early in 2004.

Q. What if I need to mail something to the KWSQA?

A. Please visit our About page for mailing address and contact details.

Q. I’m interested in being a speaker. What are the KWSQA guidelines?

A. KWSQA works with its speakers to ensure your presentation is well received by our members. You can submit your presentation here at our ongoing Call For Presentations: https://kwsqa.org/kwalitytalks/call-for-presentations/. We only have a couple guidelines to ensure a successful presentation. For information on our guidelines, please visit our About page to get in touch with us for more information.