Board Election 2017 Results

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The voting in 2017/2018 KWSQA Board closed on Friday. This year KWSQA members were asked to vote for 4 Members at Large. The results are below.

Election Results for 2017 Board Election
Started at: May 8, 2017 at 8:00 am
Finished at: May 26, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Time zone: Eastern Time (US & Canada)

37 of 165 ballots cast.

Candidate: Members at Large
Jared Small: 34 votes (26.6%)
Ed de Graaf: 24 votes (18.8%)
Kyle Lewis: 32 votes (25.0%)
Graeme Harvey: 21 votes (16.4%)
Scott Acker: 17 votes (13.3%)

Jared Small, Kyle Lewis, Ed de Graaf, and Graeme Harvey win with 26.6%, 25.0%, 18.8%, and 16.4% of the vote each.

Votes tallied: 128
Abstentions: 2

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Targeting Quality 2017 Dates and Registration

The KWSQA is pleased to announce Targeting Quality 2017 on September 25th and 26th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre in Downtown Kitchener.

Registration is now open! Get a group together and take advantage Group pricing (10% discount – minimum 5 for the day you are signing up) or purchase personal admission for Day 1 & Day 2 together for a 10% discount!

Check out our Schedule, Workshops (Day 1), Sessions (Day 2) and Sponsors today.

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February KWality Talk: Jerry Penner – The ‘Automate Everything’ Conversation

Your boss has given you the “Automate Everything” directive. Is he expecting to reduce costs? Implement the latest silver-bullet tool that will save the company? Increase test coverage to avoid future embarrassment? How do you respond? Jerry Penner shows you how to manage expectations by asking the right questions and framing the capabilities of computer-aided testing in business terms. He talks about what should and should not be automated so you can find more of the important bugs faster. He then presents a list of free and nearly free tools and gives examples of where & when to use them. You’ll leave with a toolbox filled with tips and strategies you can take back to the office right away to make your testing life easier.

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January 25th, Mike Kaufman Presents The Red Bead Experiment

Come on out to UW DC1302 on January 25th at 11:30am to see Mike Kaufman Present the Red Bead Experiment:

The White Bead Corporation is looking for Above Average Employees for expanded production. On the job training provided. Earn bonuses! The White Bead Corporation is a proud producer of shiny, perfect, white beads. We work hard to meet our customer’s exacting demands and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. We need Willing Workers who are Above Average Employees to handle this rigorous task in an inspiring environment. Apply within.

Come watch, and participate, in the classic experiment made famous by Dr. Deming. Let’s explore the link between typical management techniques, human factors and overall quality.

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November 23rd KWality talk with Jason Little

Come on out to see Jason Little:

The Structure of Your Organization Limits Your Level of Quality

“How to we make testing more agile?” Have you heard people say this? I sure have. It’s not a shock to say that most organizations still use a manufacturing metaphor when it comes to software quality. That is, let’s make testing more agile in order to inspect quality in during our agile testing phase. Most organizations I’ve worked with focus on making their existing structures more agile instead of re-organizing their structure to support an agile way of working. In this session we’ll explore why making testing more agile is the wrong approach, and what we can do about it.

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Call for Presenters (Seasonal Lecture Series)

The 2016-2017 season of the KWSQA lecture series is underway!

We love to host new and local speakers!  Got an idea you’d like to try out?  Working on a talk that you want to test or practice?   Drop us a message at for consideration.  Here are some details about presentation format and what kind of things we’re looking for.


Presentation format:

  • Over lunch from 11:45am to 1pm
  • Generally at UW, last Wednesday of the month
  • 45-55 minute presentation
  • Can be lecture style, interactive with audience, technical/technique demonstration, workshop style, etc
  • We provide projector, mics, audience.  You provide laptop, content.
  • Topic must be related to software testing/quality, software development practices, relevant to our audience of primarily software testers.

Details to Include in Your Submission

  • Working title
  • Brief description – about a paragraph – of the topic
  • A short bio about yourself (relevant experience in the industry, any past presentation experience, etc)
  • Availability for presenting
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