February KWSQA Meeting – Feb 24, Andre Cloutier


From 11:30 until 1:15

TOPIC: 13 Naïve Questions about Test Process Deconstruction and Other Paranormal Activities


PRESENTED BY: André Cloutier, PSM, SAFe (SA)


SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: When he was 7 years old, André’s teacher heard him bragging about his encyclopedic knowledge in geography. The teacher decided to exploratorily test his competencies by asking him about capitals of the world (Nepal, Argentina and other places with mountains). He obviously knew all the answers because he was a curious kid. Things haven’t changed much over time, he’s still curious and keeps acting like a kid. He now has dusty university degrees in Economics, Linguistics and in Mathematics. As a software development professional, he worked in various companies (Oracle and a few smaller ones). In the last few years, André managed QA teams at BlackBerry with agility. André is an awful tester, except for wine.


MEETING OVERVIEW: In his presentation, André will focus on process deconstruction. He will fearlessly question the orthodoxy and the tradition around testing and automation. The structure of the presentation will be a set of 13 questions. Why 13? This is not a question he will answer.
The Acceptance Criteria for the Story that he's about to tell you will be met if the obvious becomes suspicious for you.

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