May KWSQA Meeting – May 18, Alan Page


From 11:30 until 1:15

TOPIC: Testing with no Testers: How Testing has changed at Microsoft
SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Alan Page has been building and testing software for nearly 25 years. He was the lead author on the book How We Test Software at Microsoft, contributed chapters for Beautiful Testing and Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation, and recently published a collection of essays on test automation in The A Word. He also writes about a variety of software engineering subjects on his blog at

Alan joined Microsoft as a member of the Windows 95 team, and since then has worked on a variety of Windows releases, early versions of Internet Explorer; Office Lync and Xbox One. Alan also served for two years as Microsoft’s Director of Test Excellence. Currently, he’s working on a brand new collaboration application for Microsoft.
MEETING OVERVIEW: In December 2008 when How We Test Software at Microsoft was first published, the software community welcomed the insight into many testing activities and processes popular at Microsoft. Eight years later, many companies—including Microsoft—have evolved and changed in many ways, and now much of the book is outdated or obsolete.

Alan Page, the lead author on HWTSAM and career tester turned software engineer has been on the front line of many of the changes at Microsoft. Alan will share experiences, stories, strategies, and tactics for how he’s taken everything he’s learned in over twenty years of software testing, and used those skills to have big impacts on software engineering teams at Microsoft. If you’re going through this transition, think you may be going through it soon, or you’re just curious to hear what Alan has to say, this will be a great talk for you.