KWSQA is offering this KWality Talk as in person only!

Location: 137 Glasgow St, Kitchener, ON N2G 4X8

Member meetings consist of a speaker, panel or discussion.

Our next monthly member meeting is Feb 28th and we welcome Jim Jordan with their talk Applying an Ethical Decision Model to Software Testing.

Details can be found on the post on the Upcoming and Past Talks page.


2024 In-Person KWality Talks will be offered for a rate of $30 per talk for Non-Members. Anyone with a 2024 KWSQA Membership is able to access all KWality Talks at no additional fee. If you wish to purchase your membership in order to access this and all following KWality Talks you may do so by using the Purchase KWSQA Membership box to the right, then enter your new membership code in the Do you have a membership code? box below to reserve a KWSQA Member Ticket.

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