Mentorship Program FAQ

How do I sign up as a mentor?

All KWSQA members can sign up to be mentors here:

How do I sign up to be a mentee?

Mentee signups will open early in 2023! Stay in the loop by subscribing to our email list

What are the benefits to signing up for the mentorship program?

Mentoring is a great way for both a mentee and a mentor to grow their skillset. It allows for one on one coaching, advice and feedback as you continue your journey through your software testing career and beyond! 

Can I have more than one mentor?

At this time we’re only assigning one mentor per mentee to ensure none of our mentors get overloaded. 

What can I do if I do not feel my mentor/mentee is a good match?

We understand that not all of our pairings will be a perfect fit. If this happens, please reach out to as soon as possible and we will reassign your pairing to ensure a great experience.