Targeting Quality 2024 Conference Registration

Day 1 (Monday, September 30) – Full-Day Workshops
Day 2 (Tuesday, October 1) – Keynote and Presentations

Note: Selecting your tickets and Register Now will open a new tab where you will be asked:

  • For Personal Information, please include details of each individual person you are registering on behalf of
  • For Workshop Selection you will be asked during the registration process (if the workshops have been announced); if you would like to request a change please reach out to us
    • The workshops are all day workshops
    • If the Workshops have not been announced (Super Early Bird/Early Bird) then we will follow up with a short survey to get your selection after they are announced
  • To have read and agree to abide by the KWSQA’s Code of Conduct (all attendees)
  • Here is the KWSQA Cancellation Policy

All 2024 KWSQA Members receive a $50 discount on your overall TQ ticket purchase. Enter the Membership Code you received when purchasing your membership in the “Do you have promo code?” field on the information page.

Please note, if you have purchased your membership recently, it may take a few days to be able to apply the Membership Code to your TQ purchase. Contact if you require assistance.

Registration Options (+taxes)
Super Early Bird – OPEN NOW!
Super Early Bird Day 1 & Day 2$990
Super Early Bird Day 1 – Workshops$650
Super Early Bird Day 2 – Keynotes & Presentations$450
Early Bird – Opens Apr 29, 2024
Early Bird Day 1 & Day 2$1071
Early Bird Day 1 – Workshops$680
Early Bird Day 2 – Keynotes & Presentations$510
Regular – Individual Ticket – Opens Jul 15, 2024
Day 1 & Day 2$1260
Day 1 – Workshops$800
Day 2 – Keynotes & Presentations$600
Regular – Group Entry (minimum of 5) – Opens Jul 15, 2024
Group Day 1 – Workshops$680
Group Day 2 – Keynotes & Presentations$510

Keep up to date on here and on LinkedIn for details.