Schedule and Location:

Targeting Quality 2024 is happening on Monday, September 30 and Tuesday, October 1 starting each day at 9:00 am at the Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre. Breakfast rolls out around 8:00 am each day. Please check out our detailed schedule once live.


  • All presenters will receive:
    • Hot breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided only on the day(s) of the conference day that you are presenting
    • 1 complimentary, non-transferable TQ2024 Day 2 Registration on October 1 (does not include Day 1 registration)
    • Invitation to the TQ2024 Speaker Dinner (details below)
  • Workshop presenters will receive:
    • A $1000 CAD honorarium (if multiple presenters, this is split)
    • Expense submissions up to $1000 CAD (details below)
  • 45 Minute Talk presenters will receive:
    • Expense submissions up to $1000 CAD (details below)
  • 15 Minute Lightning talk presenters will receive:
    • Expense submissions up to $300 CAD (details below)


You are welcome to submit up to $1000 CAD (for a 45-minute talk or full-day workshop) or $300 CAD (for a 15-minute talk) of travel-related expenses, which will be reimbursed after the conference. We will send you instructions for submitting expenses, closer to the event.

  • In cases where a talk has multiple presenters, each presenter is entitled to claim the full expense amount
  • In cases where a presenter has multiple talks, they may only submit expenses under the highest category once
    • Example: If you are accepted and agree to provide a 45-Minute Talk AND a 15-Minute Lightning Talk, you may submit expenses up to $1000 CAD
  • As a reminder, you are encouraged to use group code KWSQA (please note that this code cannot be used online to book a room) to receive a discounted rate at the Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre  (Full details on the Venue page)
  • The Fine Print:
    • The KWSQA will not cover expenses for food, however hot breakfast, lunch and snacks are served on both days of the conference and are included with admission
    • Speakers are also invited to a Speaker Dinner after day 1 of the conference, which will be covered by the KWSQA
    • All expenses must be submitted with receipts for reimbursement
    • All Canadian expenses must include the HST amount (13% tax)
    • Expenses will be reimbursed after the event

Note: the best airport to fly into is Toronto Pearson (YYZ); from there you can take a taxi or rent a car to get to the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area.

Speaker Dinner:

The KWSQA board is pleased to invite all speakers to our Speaker Dinner on Monday, September 30 at 6:30 pm. at TBA.


  • Each presentation room is equipped with a projector, screen, and HDMI cable. Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptops, and adapters if needed
  • If you are a workshop presenter and specified additional materials or setup required for your workshop, we will make arrangements accordingly


Timing and Length Reminders:

If you are giving a 45-minute talk, please keep in mind that 45 minutes is the total length of time you have. It’s up to you if you’d like to leave any of this time for questions; if so, please plan to finish your talk before the 45-minute mark. There will be a 15-minute break following your talk where you can also have follow up conversations with individual attendees if you wish.

If you are giving a 15-minute talk, please plan to finish at the 10-minute mark. There will be 5 minutes of setup time between you and the next speaker where attendees can follow-up with you if they have questions or comments about your talk.