As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, we are making our 2022 KWality Talks available online for free.

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Location: Online

Time: Stream will start at approximately 11:55 am. Meeting starts at 12:00 pm. Meeting ends at approximately 1:00 pm.

Speaker: Neil Price-Jones

Many people ask why they would bother looking at a model for testing. Why add the expense and effort to implement a model when the current process works and all the testing is proceeding well (save for those few nasty bugs that made it out to production and cost us several customers and a lot of good will).

Join us for a brief overview of the TMMi model; three reasons why you might want to consider a model with associated ROI; and a way of implementing the identified improvements. We will consider the process used to evaluate one organisation and the results obtained from that evaluation and what they are doing now.

Neil Price-Jones has 35 years-experience in Software Quality Assurance in Financial, Utilities, Health Care, Retail, and Software Development including test automation and test management. Most recently he has supplied Maturity Assessments to Health Care, Quality Assurance Management to High Risk Utilities projects, and consulting on the implementation of Quality Assurance to companies looking to improve their Process Maturity.

In 1993, Neil founded NVP Software Testing to provide Quality Assurance Assessments, Coaching, Consulting, Management, and Training. He has made presentations to many software quality organizations including the ASQ, ISACA, KWSQA, MoT, PMAC, PMI, SWOSQG, and TASSQ and at Software Conferences in Canada and the United States (QUEST, TesTrek, & StarCanada).