Speaker: Samantha Campbell

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Topic: Making the Web a Little More Accessible

Accessibility is so much more than adding ALT tags to images. It should be a consideration in all of our digital interactions – writing an email, making a visual presentation, posting a tweet, or coding a website.

This session will go over the current state of web accessibility. Not just what you are required to do under AODA, but how you think about all digital interactions.

Some food for thought:

Have you ever heard a screen reader try to decipher a string of emoji?

Can you apply web accessibility principles to PowerPoint presentations?

Do you REALLY need to have captions for all of your videos?

Let’s talk about it.

Bio: Samantha is a software developer obsessed with the web and the way people use it. It all started with Neopets, and now you can find her hanging out on tech twitter (@MsSammieRose).

She’s also the community organizer of Girl Geek Dinners WR – a networking and dinner series for people interested in STEM. She’s passionate about community building and providing accessible networking and education opportunities.