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Speaker: Jim Jordan


When something can affect a person’s well-being, ethics has something to say about it. Software is one of those things that can affect a person’s well-being, so the process of developing software has to take that into account somehow. One way to identify the moral considerations around developing software is to identify often-overlooked stakeholders who can be affected by the software. This goes beyond the list of purchasers, interface users, colleagues, and investors to those whose lives and personal data are managed by software, even though these persons are not typically considered users. I propose adapting an ethics-grounded decision-making model from business ethics to identify where to focus software testing so these stakeholders’ interests are at least addressed, if not entirely satisfied, within prudential constraints.

Meet our Speaker: 

Jim has spent 15 years as a software developer at what eventually became Nortel Networks. He is now a senior test developer at D2L. In between he completed a PhD in philosophy, defending a dissertation on cyberwarfare and international humanitarian law. He is listed as a co-inventor on a database patent, has co-written a textbook on business ethics, and has taught many philosophy courses that promote critical thinking and ethical reasoning as workplace skills.

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Event starts at approximately 11:55 am. Announcements and discussion start at approximately 12:00 pm. Meeting ends at approximately 1:00 pm.


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This months in-person event will be held at the D2L event space located at 137 Glasgow St, Kitchener, ON N2G 4X8. This event space is located on the side of the building opposite to Glasgow street. Please refer to the map below for directions and information on where to park.

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