For the time being, the KWSQA is continuing to offer KWality Talks online for free via Zoom.

Register: Online at our KWality Talk Page, Zoom link will be included in registration confirmation email.

Location: Online

Time: The meeting starts between 11:55 am and 12:00 pm, a waiting room might be enabled if you arrive prior to this time. Meeting ends at approximately 1:00 pm.


  • Jenna Zhang
  • Dan DeAuraujo
  • Darren Conley
  • Eugene Sokol
  • Lauren Weber
  • Rashmi Priya
  • Richard Martin

In the past couple of years, the world has witnessed firsthand that change is the only constant in life. Perhaps the best mindset one could have today is forging change, which reminds us of the independence, self-sufficiency, and resilience of the hunter-gatherers, who were “absolutely confident that they could get food from their environment when needed.” This was due to their discovery of different food sources and their knowledge of hundreds of plants, which allowed them to survive even when the environment had substantial changes, such as droughts and floods.

Inspired by that, we propose to approach our test automation strategy in a hunter-gatherer-like style, an approach that is resourceful, collaborative, flexible – organized, but not too rigid. Several of us automation enthusiasts wish to share with you our thoughts & perspectives on this, including topics around how to achieve a D2L style of test automation ecosystem, how to embrace lessons learned from the past to guide our vision as we advance, and how to get there from our present progress collaboratively.

We are a group of Test Developers from D2L who are passionate about test automation. We have various levels of expertise and experiences, with almost a century of combined testing experience. Like a lot of other companies, D2L doesn’t have a centralized QA team, so we are all from different Scrum/Dev teams, responsible for different parts of the D2L products.