Speaker:  Maciek Konkolowicz

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Topic: Modern software delivery requires quality and agility at levels of speed which break the sound barrier. Unfortunately, not all teams come prepared with battle plans, and equipment for a fair fight. Listen to Commander Maciek “IceMan” Konkolowicz describe the journey which took his group of inexperienced manually focused team members, and converted them into “the best of the best..in test”.

Maciek will focus on the process and tools which enabled a mindset change toward “Automating All the Things”. Starting with training, moving to driving communities, and finishing with test automation, Maciek will share the dogfights, new equipment, and even some flameouts, that helped his team members (regardless of role) participate and succeed in the struggle for a reliable, scalable testing process.

As an attendee, you will be subjected to the idea that testing is everyone’s responsibility, and will take away processes that will help you push this mentality in your own organization.

Don’t miss this story of cross functional quality awesomeness, and cheesy 80’s movie references!

Bio: Maciek has been a quality champion his entire professional life. For many years, he’s been focusing on learning, implementing, showing and spreading the idea of quality championship to whoever he can corner, be it Dev, QA, BA, or even Project Managers. He’s a passionate technologist who loves to externalize his thoughts to gain perspectives of others. He tries to document his lessons learned at http://macie-j.me and his bad jokes on twitter (@mkonkolowicz). He has spoken at local meetups and conferences and loves to share his passion for the quality crusade.