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Speaker: Jeff Kosciejew

Topic: Using the game “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”, we’ll explore and highlight the importance and impact solid teamwork, communication, and creating & developing a shared language, can have on any project or product. Likely different from any other workshop, this really dives into the importance of creating the conditions for success when working with others. This is an interactive session will directly involve a small group actively participating with other observing. However there will be multiple rounds to allow anyone and everyone who wants to participate. And in doing so, we’ll get to see the impact this has on the success of the activity.

Bio: Jeff combines his practical experience in delivering projects and building products from a range of industries with a passion for helping people thrive and grow. He excels at teaching complicated ideas and thrives when facilitating any size of team or group, at all levels of an organization. He combines coaching, mentoring, and teaching to meet people where they are today, and help them along their journey to achieve results that are important and meaningful to them. He employs a diverse range of approaches, techniques, and practices from a variety of frameworks and methods to help make meaningful impacts on the outcomes of work. Taking a systems-thinking approach, Jeff has a proven track record in helping individuals, teams, and organizations identify and implement improvements, not to create great outcomes, but rather to help nudge and evolve the environment where great outcomes are inevitable. Jeff has taught a Project Management module at college, designed, developed, and delivered workshops for small to enterprise companies, and consulted at all levels throughout organizations as an Agile Coach, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Business Analyst. He’s got a number of industry certifications, but finds his actual experience to be more valuable and meaningful. Jeff finds it amusing to write about himself in the third person.

Time: Doors open at approximately 11:30 am. Announcements and discussion start at approximately 11:50 am. Meeting ends at approximately 1:00 pm.

Lunch: provided on a first-come, first-served basis

University of Waterloo,
William G. Davis Computer Research Centre,
Room DC1302

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