Speaker: Matthew Middleton

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Topic: Michael Bolton calls software testing “Applied Epistemology.” To me, this suggests that those who wish to practice the art and science of testing need to study broadly, to better understand the contexts in which they work. In this presentation, I’ll be discussing the need for generalists versus specialists, why I think cross-pollination is critical to the testing community as well as the other communities we interact with, and some examples of observations I’ve made with regards to overlapping challenges faced by the cyber security and software testing communities.

Bio: Matt is a QA/QC Analyst for Radient360, and has been a black box software tester for a decade, helping developers catch their bugs before they get out into the wild. He’s primarily been influenced by James Bach, Michael Bolton, and Cem Kaner, and subscribes to the Context-Driven School of Testing. He has taught software testing online, through the Association for Software Testing, as well as the inaugural Miramichi class for PLATO Testing.