Speaker: Arun Kumar Dutta

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Topic: These days, end-user satisfaction is the most important factor for both traditional and digital business. End-user satisfaction can be provided with enhanced features quickly and with improved performance. This will not only satisfy them but also convince them to remain loyal and influence others. Though an application’s speed, scalability, stability and availability are not the only parameters for superior end user satisfaction, they are the most important factors.

In a shift-left performance testing approach, testing is moved to the left in the software development life cycle. Instead of doing performance testing at the pre-production stage just before release, performance testing needs to be started at early stages of SDLC. This will assist project team to avoid big losses and reduce overall cost.

In a shift-right performance testing approach, testing is moved to the right. This is done in production for E2E real user experience in terms of performance – speed, scalability, stability, availability, fail-over by controlled experiments and with continuous monitoring. This is like late testing but it is very powerful for end-user satisfaction.

Proactive shift-left and shift-right performance testing ensure superior end-user satisfaction by providing enhanced features at a faster rate with excellent performance. This talk will assist us to know the value that shift-left & shift-right performance testing can bring, why both of them are required for superior end-user satisfaction, and what are the things that we need to remember while making it as an ongoing process for enduring in market.