Speaker: Phil Kirkham

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Topic: As the sole exploratory tester in a company with multiple projects going on I had to work out how to work efficiently and to make teams aware of how I could help them. The current Agile literature didn’t seem to fit in with my particular needs so after some trial and error we came up with a plan where teams asses the size of the testing ‘bucket’ they think they will need. My talk will explain the challenges that we had and the plan we came up with to make the most of my expertise and use it across the company. For a sole tester working in a company this talk should help give them some ideas on how they can survive and flourish. For other testers this talk might give them an idea of how they could be working with developers in a high-quality environment.

Bio: After working as a developer I moved to being a tester and then moved from England to Michigan. Currently working as the sole exploratory tester at Atomic Object, working on a range of projects from mobile to web to embedded.