Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – Everything I Know About Test Automation I Learned From A Developer

Speaker: Lee Manchur

Topic: Effective test automation requires using the same principles and practices as “real” software development, but often QA teams are expected to write and maintain their own test automation frameworks without a development background. With this in mind, we asked our company’s developers to take a hard look at our automated test architecture, and were amazed at the efficiencies they found! This presentation will explore developer-initiated ideas for functional Selenium and API test suites which helped our team decrease automated test execution time by 87%, increase coding efficiency by 50%, and, overall, become more effective testers (and developers). We will explore, in the context of automated tests, effective Object Oriented Design use (but no, this not “yet another” Page Object tutorial!), using abstract classes to maximize code reuse, quickly compare data sets with reflection, and using delegate methods to generate data. These ideas might be obvious to developers, but are new design patterns to add to the toolbox for most testers.

Bio: Lee Manchur is the QA Manager at OCAS, the application service for Ontario’s public colleges. Since 2014, he has been responsible for testing and guiding software quality practices throughout all of OCAS’ products, after spending nine years testing mobile applications at BlackBerry. A career-long software tester, Lee strives to establish comprehensive test suites within his teams by balancing exploratory and heuristic test practices with scalable automated test solutions.