For the time being, the KWSQA is continuing to offer KWality Talks online for free via Zoom.

Register: Online at our KWality Talk Page, Zoom link will be included in registration confirmation email.

Location: Online

Time: The meeting starts between 11:55 am and 12:00 pm, a waiting room might be enabled if you arrive prior to this time. Meeting ends at approximately 1:00 pm.

Speaker: Rashmi Nagpal


Have you ever wondered why 87% of machine learning models never make it to production? Who must be held responsible if a machine learning algorithm discriminates or shows bias? Are the decisions taken by these models trustworthy? In this talk, let’s unravel the answers to such complex questions!

Machine learning has had a significant impact in many areas, including medicine, entertainment, security, and education, but its use can also result in increased cognitive dependence on technology and ethical concerns such as bias. Therefore, it is crucial to address these issues by reducing the impact of human biases and creating trustworthy, reliable, and understandable machine learning systems.

The key takeaways of my talk would likely include the importance of understanding and interpreting the decision-making processes of machine learning models, as well as the need to ensure that these models are fair, accountable, and trustworthy in their predictions and actions. Additionally, the talk may highlight the challenges of building interpretable models and the importance of evaluating and testing models for bias, as well as the need for transparency and accountability in the development and deployment of machine learning systems.


Rashmi is a Software Engineer with a passion for building products in AI/ML. In her almost 4 years career in tech, she’s brought products to life at pre-seed startups, scaled teams and software at hypergrowth unicorns, and shipped redesigns and features used by millions at established giants. When she’s not coding, capturing cosmos using her telescope, or playing board games with friends, you can find Rashmi playing with her maltese breed pet dog, Fluffy!