Speaker: Lauren Weber

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Topic: The quotation “A problem well stated is half-solved” is from American inventor and businessman Charles Kettering [1]. This axiom can be applied to defect reporting, especially when defects are complex, hard to reproduce, or cross several layers of software. A defect report that is complete and accurate can help development correct a problem faster, with fewer log gathering and test-fix cycles, resulting in better quality software delivered faster. In this presentation we discuss construction of effective defect reports, we examine techniques to move defects through their lifecycles efficiently; we also consider ways QA professionals can go beyond reporting defects to debugging them in-depth, and fixing them.

Bio: Lauren Weber has worked in the telecommunications industry since 2003, testing software and leading test teams. He has worked with embedded and real-time systems such as wireless modems, protocol stacks, and video processing solutions, often specializing in verifying standards compliance. He enjoys troubleshooting complex problems, learning from his mistakes, and reading Dilbert comics.